Only few are aware of the importance of our foundations.

Everybody worries about being fit and getting a full body workout, but few are actually getting one until they include their FEET in their regimen.

1.   General wellness

2.   Improved sleep

3.   Lessen pain and discomfort

4.   Increased blood circulation

5.   Improved performance results

The interesting thing is that years ago, in our school system, we knew what to do to improve young children’s feet and posture. Click the link and look at this interesting silent video. There is so much we can learn!


This video was made in 1926—a silent movie that spoke volumes to our 21st Century predicament. The theme? Preventive, corrective exercises provided in physical education classes for school children. Almost a hundred years ago educators had assessed a problem, developed a treatment method and enjoyed tangible results.

     The Educated Feet for Correct Posture film (produced by Beverly Hills Unified Schools) demonstrates that good habits in posture and foot control should be established in the early years as part of the curriculum. Its logic, expressed in title cards, was solid: “Feet and legs may become weakened and deformed unless we educate them.”

     The film also shared a basic truth: “These defects are usually caused by doing normal everyday things the wrong way.”

     Children worked on jumping and landing correctly, strengthening their core muscles, and learning how to climb and correctly perform all physiological movements. Twice a year each student’s posture was checked — “pedographed”— and corrected not only during the physical education activity but also while children were sitting in class.

     In essence, the young students exercised their feet by lifting and lowering their heels, playing in sand, walking on a soft mat and curling their toesall of which are fundamental to FEET-NESS™.

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